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Nos produits naturels issus des précieuses graines de courges tropicales biologiques.

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Our products are natural, organic, made from tropical squash seeds. These seeds are cultivated in certain terroirs of Cameroon, once every 2 years. The respect of this local and traditional cycle guarantees the richness, the nutritional qualities and the uniqueness of our products.

The pumpkin seed at the base of our products is hard-shelled and called "NGON" (which means "Seed of the World" in Cameroonian languages). It is the queen of cucurbits; it has many exceptional virtues in Health, Cosmetics and Dietetics.

Our desire is to bring well-being to women and men while respecting the environment.

High quality products

Our products

The result of long research, Eurogon products come from industrial hulling and processing of hard-shelled pumpkin seeds specific to certain terroirs in Cameroon. Their scientific name is cucumeropsis mannii. It is a natural treasure for your beauty and health.

High quality products

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